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Smart Tunes


Welcome to the Smart Tunes and colorful life with your favorite music on your mobile every time and everywhere you go. Because we can’t overdose on music, Smart Tunes has brought to you Smart Music App, the first of its kind in Cambodia. With Smart Music App, you can do unlimited music streaming from the awesome song selection available. With our seven categories of songs from both international and local Khmer artists, there is a song for every subscriber’s mood.

But wait, it gets better. Smart Music App has an offline streaming feature that allows Smart subscribers to listen to the music even when you don’t have internet access.

Our Plans


  • Monthly Fee: 10 cents
  • Song Fee: 30 cents (30 days validity)

To Register:

  • Option 1: Send [song code] to [855]
  • Option 2: 855

Copy Smart Tunes:

If you like the song you hear while calling your friends or family, you can copy it by following the simple instructions below:

  • If hear a song you like when calling, press [*].
  • You will receive an SMS notification to confirm receipt.
  • Reply with a blank SMS and you’re set.


  • *You can also select multiple songs to be played as random Smart Tunes (maximum 10 songs).

To delete song:

  • Just SMS Del [Song Code] to 855

To Find your favorite songs:

  • Option 1: Select your Smart Tune below
  • Option 2 855 press 7
  • Option 3 855 and follow instructions (3 cents/min)


  • The Smart Tunes songs will be played randomly if you have more than 2 songs in your Smart Tunes library.