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Production Houses

To make more money, more than 50 production houses have confidently worked with us to put all their music for Mobile Network Operators in VAS service as a Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT), which is meant if your phone number set the song code (music) to be a CRBT, when someone call you, they will automatically hear the song until you pick up the phone. This service has become very famous in Cambodia by our approach and activities to educate the market with Mobile Network Operators since 2008 till now.

As the VAS pioneer in Cambodia, we remain our approach in high responsibility to help the music producers earn the most and succeed together in this service.
We stay open for partnership with more music producers to deploy the songs/music to their listeners nationwide of Cambodia and even worldwide and earn more reputations along with more revenue.
Please feel free to book us an appointment to do this great work!